How to be a happier and better person

2 tips that will help you to be a better version of yourself

We spend our lives trying to be economically wealthy, trying to be better than someone else, and trying to be well-educated, which is not bad.


what about inner wealth?
What about improving ourselves?
What about being happier?
What about being a good person to us and others? 

Since we are children, we are taught that when we grow up we have to be professional, have a beautiful house, have money, get married, and have a family.

But we are not taught to be happy, appreciate the little things we have, to love and care about people more than material goods.

How can you be a more happy person?

1. Be grateful with the little things you have

To learn to be grateful for what I have, I had to lose many little things and miss them.

One of the reasons for unhappiness is that we want more than what we have and we are not able to get them as fast as we want.

There is nothing wrong with being ambitious but during the process of looking for more than what you have, you must pause to appreciate and enjoy what you already have.

Otherwise, you will spend your whole life running after what you want and not enjoying what you already have.

Usually, we are just grateful for what we have when we already lose them, but we can change that, we can be happy with what we already have and at the same time look for more.

2. Surround yourself with honest and positive people

The kind of people you have around you can highly affect your happiness and positivity.

Surround yourself with people who try to find solutions for problems and no people who find problems for solutions.

I was once living with someone who was so negative and every time I said something about a goal I had or about a plan he would always say something negative about it.

That time I had no other choice but to stay in the same place as him but then I did not tell him my plans because he always wanted to destroy my excitement with negative words.

You can easily identify which people in your circle love you and have good intentions for you.

signs to identify if a person loves you and have good intentions for you
  • They love you the way you are
  • They are happy when something good happen to you
  • They are always there if you going through a difficult situation
  • They are honest with you
  • They give you good advice
  • They are there whether you have money or not
  • They don’t try to blame you for everything
  • They respect you
  • They don’t gossip about other people
  • They are not jealous of your achievements but they celebrate them with you.
  • They keep in touch
  • They are not selfish
  • They value you

Those are signs that you have a good person around you if you have value, love, and take good care of them.

Remember also that not body is perfect, we people make mistakes, if something happens and you don’t feel comfortable with it, talk to that person and tell them how you feel, and the way they react when you tell them about your feelings will determine if you need to keep that person around you or not.

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