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In this article, I have listed the most effective ways I use when I am stressed. They have helped me a lot and that is what encouraged me to share them because I know they are many people out there having stress and anxiety.

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The stress I have experienced during the past two years made me think a lot if this is the life I wanted.

I realized that I had to stop, breathe, and analyze the situation that needed to change as soon as possible, otherwise was going to be too late to save my mental health.

Why I was so stressed?

I was so stressed because I had so much going on in my life and I did not know how to manage everything. I had full-time work, full-time studies, and an extra job.

I was always busy doing something, when I was not at work I was at school, and vice versa.

I was about to have a mental breakdown and that was the time I had to stop everything for a little time and take care of my mental health before it was too late. 

I followed the tips I have listed below and they really helped and still helping me nowadays when I am stressed.

The best ways to relax when we are stressed:

1. Take time for yourself

One of the most difficult things to do when we have so much going on is to take time for ourselves.

You have to remember that your well-being is more important than everything, if we are not doing well mentally then everything falls apart.

Pamper yourself, get a massage, eat your favorite food, and buy yourself a gift, because it does not make sense to work only to pay bills.

2. Listen to some music

Music always helps, put on some relaxing music and listen to the lyrics and the rhythm, that will help you calm down.

I put it loud I dance and sing, it helps me to see the beauty of life

3. Go for a walk or run

Go out and breathe some fresh air. If it is possible and safe go to the forest and be around of nature and quiet.

Fresh air helps to think more clearly.

4. Talk to someone

Talk about it with someone you trust, and tell them how you feel. In stressful situations a good and understanding person can help us to calm down. 

Talking to someone can make us see that the situation is not as difficult as it seems

. When we are frustrated our mind usually does not see the positive things, but someone else who loves us and wants the best for us can see it.

5. Get some sleep

When we are tired we tend to get irritated easily.

Sleep has always helped me to feel better, even some 20 minutes of sleep.

6. Make love or masturbate

To be honest that is the most effective thing that has always helped me when I feel stressed and anxious.

We, women, have to learn how to satisfy ourselves if we are alone, we have to get to know our bodies.

I learned how to masturbate about 15 years ago by only touching myself, nobody told me how to do it. We just need to take some time, focus and explore our bodies.

Nowadays they are many options out of there to satisfy us, including many different vibrators. We have to be open to trying different things until we find the one that satisfies us the most.

7. Take a deep breath

Breathe deeply because no situation is forever. Sometimes we are crying for certain things in life and when time passes we find ourselves laughing about it.

When we are going through a difficult situation we see no light at the end of the tunnel but the fact is that there is a solution for every problem.

And also remember that the efforts you are doing today are building your tomorrow. But do not forget to live the present.

8. Read a book

10 Benefits of reading books:

  1. Will reduce the stress
  2. Fights depression symptoms
  3. Improves your sleep 
  4. improves your focus
  5. Helps you have better communications skills
  6. Improves your memory
  7. Makes you live longer
  8. Empowers you to empathize with people
  9. Increases your vocabulary
  10. Keeps your brain in good shape

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