8 methods to get the most pleasant sleep


I have written this article to help people who have sleeping difficulties, people that cannot sleep enough, and people who have problems going early to sleep.

I think most of us have had sleeping problems at least once in our lives. In this article, you going to find tips about how to improve your sleep.

Sleep is vital in our lives

When we talk about well-being, Fitness, weight loss, and a good lifestyle we cannot forget to mention “sleep” because all of them are connected. 

To have the most pleasant lifestyle you must get enough sleep.

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Sleep is vital in our lives because when we sleep we rest our minds from all the stress we get during the day.

Sleep helps us to recharge our brain to keep it going. 

For the past year, I’ve started to take sleep seriously. Because I realized when I don’t sleep enough the next day I’m like a zombie, my brain does not work at all.

It has been around one year since I started to notice that when I don’t sleep properly then I become a totally different person.

Consequences of lack of sleep

I get up at 5:40 every morning to go to work, and I started to see how irritated I was sometimes, that I did want to talk to anybody, and I did not even remember what I was doing.

We know how important it is to be focused at work and especially when we work with customers and we have to smile and provide good customer service, as it is in my case.

It might sound simple and senseless for some people who have not been through that situation, but it is a real problem that affects you and others because when we are in bad mood we don’t treat people in good ways.

Without even realizing I was angry, at myself, at life, and at everything that moves.

That situation is so annoying because of course at work, at school and anywhere I’m I want to be fresh, have a good mood, be happy, and treat everyone accordingly.

And below I will list every method I use to sleep pleasantly and be able to do my normal activities the next day in the best way possible.

Lack of sleep can bring many consequences to our health, it's something that we have to take care of and keep track of it.

Nowadays with all the technology we have, it makes it more difficult to go to be early.

But let's take good care of ourselves!

12 serious Consequences caused by lack of sleep:

  1. Tiredness
  2. bad mood
  3. Depression
  4. Anxiety
  5. Hallucination
  6. Weight gain
  7.  Diabetes
  8. Heart attack
  9. Stroke
  10. High blood pressure
  11. Cardiovascular disease
  12. High risk of hypertension
Effective methods to sleep more pleasantly

1. Keep your bedroom as free as possible from furniture
I have realized that I don’t sleep comfortably if I sleep in a room with too much furniture, I get the best sleep when the room has more space to move, and when I open my eyes I see free space.
2. Try to use your bedroom only to sleep and to have sex

 In my opinion, I don’t think that we should be doing all kinds of things in our sleeping room, for example eating, then the smell of the food spread in the room.

Leave your bedroom for sex and sleep only, so when you get inside there your brain will know whether you going to sleep or have sex. 

Your sexual appetite will be activated and your sleep also. And it’s always good to have some sex before going to sleep if you don’t have someone to have it, then masturbate.

3. When you go to sleep keep the room dark

 if your room is so bright put curtains that can block the outside light because if there is too much light your brain might think that is daytime and it will be more difficult to sleep.

4. Shower before you go to bed
Get fresh before you go to sleep. When you make it a routine then your mind will get the message that is time to go to sleep, and It will prepare for that.
5. Put your phone in sleeping mode
 Nowadays phones can make it more difficult to go to sleep early, because is so easy to get entertained by social media, news, games, etc.
I set my phone to turn on the sleeping mode about 30 minutes before I go to sleep so I don’t get notifications.
For me is very easy to get entertained by my phone especially because I’m living in Finland and my family and most friends are living in the Caribbean in summer Finland has 7 hours ahead of my country and in Winter it has 6 hours ahead.
The time I want to start sleeping in Finland let’s say around 9-11 pm, is when my people in the Caribbean finish work and school, and they start to text or call me. And as it feels so good to talk with them the time flies so fast. If the phone won’t turn on the sleeping mode, I sleep too late and the next day I’m too tired at work.
Try to use the sleeping mode it is helpful.
 6. Drink some milk with honey 
 Milk with honey helps me to sleep better and faster. You can give it a try and make sure that you don’t do it in excess.
7. Avoid to sleep during the day
Sleeping during the day reduces our sleep at night time. I know that when we feel sleepy is hard to avoid sleeping, but if during day time you feel you want to take a nap, try to go out for a walk, and do something that will entertain your mind.
I don’t recommend to what tv or lying down on a bed or sofa because is so easy to fall asleep, instead try to get up from the sofa or bed, shake your body, go for a walk or a run, wash your face, and try to save that sleep for the night.
To me is almost impossible to go for a 30 minutes nap. If I say I will do so, I know I’m lying to myself because when I always go for a nap I end up sleeping for more than 2 hours and at night time I would be desperate to sleep but I cannot.
8. Avoid negative thoughts before sleep
Having negative thoughts is one of the why we cannot sleep at night, it’s difficult to control what thoughts come to our minds but they are things that we can do to avoid or reduce them.
Best 6 ways to avoid negative thoughts before going to sleep:
  1. Read a book before you go to sleep, but make sure you do not stay up till too late, you can set goals of how much you going to read every night.
  2. Watch a short movie or documental.
  3. Listen to motivational podcasts.
  4. Meditate.
  5. listen to low and relaxing music.
  6. Think positively about yourself.

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